Shipping News

Voyages of Discovery – Join The Leeuwin And Set Sail
When tall ships sailed to all parts of the world they had to be sturdy and self-sufficient to survive. Leaving…
Ship Ahoy! EOS
Said to be valued in excess of US$150 million, EOS is regarded as the world’s largest private sailing yacht.
Ship Ahoy! Peace Boat
Fremantle Port was lucky to receive the Peace Boat, on it's 96th voyage promoting peace and sustainable development.
Cruise Ships Come to Town
The harbour has been a particularly lively scene today with three cruise ships in together at Victoria Quay.
Ship Ahoy! AAL Fremantle
It seems fitting to have AAL Fremantle as our first Ship Ahoy for 2018.
Ship Ahoy! Shirase
Last Monday 27th November the Japanese Ice Breaker Shirase entered Fremantle Ports from Tokyo's Harumi pier before heading to Antarctica.
Life On The North Side – TAMS Group
If you haven't been in the Rous Head commercial zone recently, on the north side of the Inner Harbour, you should reacquaint yourself…
Big Clippers Sail Into Freo
The Clipper Round the World 2017-18 racers have arrived in Freo. How come, you might ask, what's this all about?
Ship Ahoy! ARC M/V Patriot
On Monday 20 November ARC M/V Patriot sailed into Fremantle Ports from Durban.

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