Super Yacht


Freo Today. 7 April 2021. Funny word, ‘yacht’. Funny expression, ‘super yacht’. But you get the drift. A bit like calling a seaside mansion a ‘shack’. Anyway, this super yacht has received a lot of publicity in Australia since our own Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest acquired her. Her full name is Pangaea Ocean Explorer, or Pangaea for short. Named after the supercontinent that broke up around 175 million years ago. She was built in 1999 and is sailing under the flag of Jamaica. Her home port is Montego Bay. Her length overall is 56.94 meters and her width is 10.97 meters. By all accounts super safe and can easily accomodate 12 guests in super luxury, as well as 12 crew. Etc etc. Deanna Shanahan snapped Pamgaea from around North Mole way yesterday as she returned from Port Denison to her mooring at Fremantle.