Freo Today. 2 May 2022. Many of us know that Fremantle was an important submarine base during World War 2. But did you also know – we didn’t – that, during the War, Freo had an anti-submarine net across the harbour to keep out enemy subs? The operating mechanism was just near South Mole from where a steel net stretched across the harbour. It could be lowered when needed to let friendly craft in and out. This photograph shows a remnant part of the mechanism that helps to remind us of this rich wartime past. Presently, there’s not even a plaque marking the spot. We think it’s time to properly honour this heritage. Fortunately, John Kostanic is on the case to Save Our Submarine Net. He has recently formed the SOS NET ACTION GROUP to get some real heritage action before it’s too late. Over the next few weeks Fremantle Shipping News will bring you more on this important heritage story.