Now, THIS is a tree!


Freo Today. 7 November 2021. Beautiful days deserve beautiful trees, and no tree is more beautiful, majestic, tree-like than the Tuart tree of the coastal region of Western Australia from about Lancelin north of Fremantle, to around Busselton in the south. In the early days of the British Swan River Colony, the settlers liked to call them White Gums, but eventually one of the Indigenous Noongar names for the tree, ‘tooart’, won out and they have been Tuarts again in common parlance for many years. This Tuart, appropriately fenced to protect its majesty and its dignity, and the well being of folk who may get too close to its unpredictable limbs, stands in Manning Park, Hamilton Hill, quite close to Freo, but within the City of Cockburn. Of Manning Park we will say little, as its existence is a relatively well kept secret.