It’ll be back soon!


Freo Today. 11 June 2024. If you’re down by Fishing Boat Harbour near Cicerello’s snapping pics of Greg James’ ‘Coast Guard’ sculpture and wondering where the Tourist Ferris Wheel behind it has gone, look here to find out more. It’ll be back better than ever quite soon! Btw, Greg James created Coast Guard for the 2010 Sculpture By The Sea at Bondi Beach and it was also included in the Cottesloe Sculpture By The Sea the following year. It was later placed outside Cicerello’s as a temporary arrangement but has now become a permanent and popular fixture. Originally ochre in colour, the yellow paint over it received in more recent times gives it much needed protection against the elements. The Coast Guard is the signature piece of Greg’s ‘Pawn Project’ which considered the value and status of the pawn beyond the chessboard. It’s on loan, courtesy of the sculptor whose Greg James Sculpture Studio Gallery, can be found relatively nearby at J Shed, Fleet Street, Fremantle. Nice pic of Coast Guard by Jean Hudson.