AD, ID, SD …One Day!


Freo Today. 26 January 2023. Not just any day. Australia Day. Aka Invasion Day or Survival Day. Then, on Saturday in Freo we have One Day. Whatever the day, ships keep arriving in Fremantle Port. We were challenged to go with the most interestingly named of the ships in Port just now. Northern Justice, a container ship, sailing under the flag of Portugal. Seasmile, another container ship, here under the flag of Malta. Hoegh Trader, a RO-RO sailing under the flag of Norway. Ken Mei, a bulk freighter, under the Panama flag. Or Pacific Cypress, another Panama flag Ed bulk carrier. In the end we went with Gloucester Express, a very toffee, English-sounding moniker but a livestock carrier nonetheless that sails under the flag of Singapore. Here she is arriving in Port late yesterday afternoon. Nice snap by Garry Gillard.