Freo Today

South Terrace
Freo Today. 29 June 2020. South Terrace, South Freo 10.26 am. Love these slow, wet, windy, coffee-meeting mornings!
South Mole
Freo Today. 28 June 2020. Wet today, as it was yesterday when Jean Hudson took this cool shot at South…
High Street
Freo Today. 23 June 2020, 11.32 am. Lots happening. But make for cosy times on High!
Cosco Antwerp
Freo Today. 22 June 2020. The Cosco Antwerp. A regular in Port, so hello to her again! Arrived yesterday from…
Freo Today. 19 June 2020. Beautiful windswept Leighton Beach, North Fremantle.
Gage Roads
Freo Today. 18 June 2020. Yesterday morning actually. (But much the same today.) Gage Roads from Leighton Beach. A picture…
Freo Today. 17 June 2020, 10.08 am. Zinongo at corner Lefroy Street and Hale Road, Beaconsfield. Lots of colour!
Freo Today. 16 June 2020. O’Connor container yard .
Freo Today. 12 June 2020. Last night's sunset. From Monument Hill. Beautiful shot Deanna Shanahan!
The Fib
Freo Today. 11 June 2020. Another glorious, if slightly wet, Freo Day. Here’s the Fab The Fib, in all its…

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