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10 great things to do in Fremantle this week in Life, Law & Culture
We've scoured the town to find you the best things to do in Freo this week, including a few Heritage Festival events that kick off in Fremantle this weekend!
Interview with Phillip Stevens in Fremantle People
The wonderfully outgoing Fremantle music industry personality Phillip Stevens, well known as the  manager of John Butler, and the Waifs;…
Songs of the Sea in Life, Law & Culture
The Lost Quays are a popular 11 voice male choir dedicated to singing sea songs and shanties. How more Fremantle…

Movie Review – The Zookeepers Wife

Written by MB The maxim, 'Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn' is never far from mind throughout this sensitively made movie from New Zealand director, Niki Caro, who also made the fabulous movie Whale Rider a few years back. Set against the creation and destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto during World War 2, this is an heroic true story about the Zookeeper and his Wife who helped 300 Jewish prisoners escape. This is a tale worth telling. Everywhere in every age, good people are called upon to respond to the cruel acts of fellow humans that oppress others,…
Seen Cleaning the Beach in Seen in Freo
On Saturday morning a group of fabulous folk joined in with the Sea Shepherd Australia Marine Debris crew to help combat the growing tide of marine debris in the World’s oceans and waterways. FSN was there to take some snaps.
Seen at Victoria Quay in Seen in Freo
On a perfect Autumn Day at Victoria Quay FSN snapped some very happy folk. Some heading to Rottnest, others just enjoying the morning at the Quay.
Seen on May Day in Seen in Freo
FSN was at the Fremantle Esplanade for the May Day festivities prior to the annual Street March. It was family oriented, inclusive, colourful and loads of fun.
Interview with Lynne Jones and Lyn DiCiero from Soroptomists International Fremantle in Fremantle People
Interview with Lynne and Lyn about Soroptomists International Fremantle and the Help The Homeless Art Auction on June 17.
Movie Review – Jasper Jones in Life, Law & Culture
Written by MB Let me say right off, I just loved this movie. Arthouse in the very best sense of…

Interview with Ronelle Brossard

Ronelle Brossard is a household name to many in and around Fremantle.  She loves her community. She may be found most Friday mornings at The Meeting Place in South Fremantle with her Time Out To Quilt colleagues.  That's when she's not landscape gardening! In the early 1980s Ronelle's passion for community work came to notice, first with encouraging the Fremantle City Council to establish services for mums with young children, then with the setting up of the Multicultural Women's Health Centre and later with the transition of that centre into the present Fremantle Women's Health Centre - FWC.org.au - which…
Sasha Ivanovic, prominent Fremantle architect, addresses the FLOWS, CONTAINERS, AND TERRAINE VAGUE of Fremantle in this wonderfully personal account of what makes Fremantle such a wondrous place and space for him.
The UN of Football in Life, Law & Culture
If you love the world game, call by Bruce Lee Oval on South Street, Beaconsfield on a Saturday afternoon to see the most wonderful assortment of talent on show, from all around the world. Neil Rose, one of the players, explains what happens and how it has come about.
Did Indigenous warriors influence the development of Australian rules football? in Life, Law & Culture
There are aspects of Australian rules football that never fail to puzzle the uninitiated.

Interview with Melissa Parke

Melissa Parke, the high profile member for Fremantle in the House of Representatives in Canberra from 2007 until her retirement from active politics at the general election in May 2016, talks to FSN about her time in politics.  Melissa came to politics with a career in law and international human rights behind her. Her strong personal commitment to human rights issues soon became evident as the member for Fremantle, including over refugee, Palestinian and security issues, as well as in advocating for new animal welfare and environmental policies. Most recently, in the run up to the WA state election, Melissa found…

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