Seen in Freo

Seen on Anzac Day
'Not forgotten nor forsaken, are the lads no longer here, I shall call and you will waken, On this one day of the year' From 'Landing in the Dawn' John Sandes 1916. FSN was honoured to take photos on ANZAC day.
Seen on the Ocean Warrior
There were free ship tours aboard the 'Sea Shepherd' vessel the Ocean Warrior on Sunday the 23rd. The Warrior has just returned from ‘Operation Nemesis’, the Antarctic Whaling defence campaign. FSN was on board to take some snaps.
Seen at the Street Arts Festival
Over the Easter long weekend, Freo’s streets are alive with some of the World’s best street theatre artists. There were also rascally pirates galore on the Duyfken! FSN was in the middle of the action, to take a few snaps.
Seen Fishing
Many fisher folk were out trawling the harbour and Port environs for their catch. FSN was there to ‘snap’ their haul.
Seen Cruising
The cruise Ship Pacific Eden arrived in Fremantle early on Sunday from Adelaide. Passengers spent the day in Freo before departing for Indonesia late in the afternoon. FSN was there to wish them a bon voyage!
Seen in white
'Le Diner en Blanc’ took over Fremantle this weekend, the event was first established in 1988 by François Pasquier in Paris, and has become a worldwide phenomenon.
Earth hour at Hilton Harvest
Seen at Earth Hour
The annual Hilton Harvest Community Garden Earth Hour picnic was a blast with local musicians, fairies, pirates and telescope star gazing with the astronomical society.
Seen in the Cafes
Over the past few months we've snapped many freo folk going about their daily caffeine ritual.
Seen by the water
Seen near the water
Cooling off near the water was popular in Freo this week.

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